Game Jams

Game Jams

Ye Olde Cactus Smash

Ye Olde Cactus Smash is an innovative VR experience.  You - a cactus - are trapped in the desert with an unending horde of feral cowboys who wish to murder you and drink your bloo...  water.  Luckily for you, this is a strange place where garbage falls from the sky.  Your only means of defense from the feral horde is to throw these pieces of garbage at the cowboys, Katamari style.

University of Texas EGaDS 2016 Game Jam Best in Show Winner

Glacier Hop

Glacier Hop is a unique twist on the infinite runner genre.  It pits you against an endless series of lonely, hostile snowmen in a desolate arctic wasteland. Armed only with your jetpack and the will to survive, you must race against the elements as you attempt to hop from glacier to glacier, utilizing only the heat from your jetpack to keep warm.  Be careful, though - keep TOO warm and your jetpack will explode!

#1 in all user-voted categories for Game Maker's Toolkit 2017 Game Jam (though that might be because only two people rated it during the voting period...)

Bermuda Dieangle

In Bermuda Dieangle, you attempt to sink countless ships by manipulating the ocean as the literal Bermuda Triangle.  Using the mouse, drag across the surface of the water to create waves which steer ships into one another.